Core Aerating
Enhanced soil water uptake and fertilizer uptake and use.
Reduced water runoff and puddling.
Stronger turfgrass roots.
Enhanced thatch breakdown and reduced soil compaction.

Topdress & Overseeding
Fill in bare spots with grass instead of weeds.
Helps to maintain soil stability.
Makes a for a fuller looking lawn.

Helps lawn to survive drought and disease.
Makes for stronger turfgrass roots.
Grass will spring back up quickly and stand up straight.

Helps nutrients to reach soil.
Allows for more air and water movement.
Creates space to grow more grass.

Weed Spraying
Environment friendly.
Broad selection of weeds are targeted.
Kills weeds fast and decomposes weed.

Grub Spraying
Usually done in the fall.
An infestation is 12 or more grubs in a square foot.
Can get rid of mole problems.

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